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The 10 most tantalizing electric water toys of 2022

Battery power is finding its way into all forms of transportation, even those meant purely for recreation and thrills. This year, all-electric water toys took on many shapes and styles, from powerful add-on e-drives, to over/underwater submersible hydrofoils, to mass-produced personal submarines inching closer to “affordability.” The year also brought first looks at electric vessels promising next-generation performance levels that rival their gas counterparts, including a hydrofoil jet ski with claimed speeds of 55 mph and a non-foil 300-hp PWC able to throttle all the way to 75 mph. Before replacing the calendar and gearing up for the latest electric hardware at early-2023 boat shows like Düsseldorf and Miami, take a look back at the fastest flying, deepest diving, hardest charging electric water toys of 2022.

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