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Baglietto’s New 197-Foot Flagship Superyacht Brings

BagliettoYachts has ended a banner year with the sale of its new 197-foot 60M flagship. The Italian builder previewed the Francesco Paszkowski Design for the press at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

“This model has all the features the market is looking for today, but it also opens new horizons by implementing highly innovative, unprecedented onboard solutions,” said Baglietto CEO Fabio Ermetto. The yacht is scheduled to be delivered in 2026. A second flagship will soon begin construction.

The exterior combines a sharp, traditional-looking forefoot that tapers back into a sleek profile and open stern. There is a purposely seamless appearance to the exterior, designed to blend the interior and exterior. No overhangs, no rough edges. Just a smooth look with full access to the outdoors. Designer Paszkowski took the same integrative approach with the interior. The main social areas like the salon and dining area have floor-to-ceiling windows that open up completely, offering the owners an open superyacht. But at night, these same areas button down to create formal spaces.

“This changes the concept of life at sea, overturning long-established rules that juxtapose sea and land, interiors and exteriors, formal and informal, day areas and night areas,” said Ermetto.

The yacht has all the amenities one would expect from a 197-foot superyacht, including a 1,000-square foot beach lounge with a pool, gym, and fold-down sides along the yacht. A staircase leads up to the next level to add another 1,000 square feet, providing a two-tier space for alfresco dining and socializing.

The first hull will be configured with an upper deck devoted to the owner, along with a main suite and lobby amidships connected to the lower decks by a glass elevator. The owner’s deck also includes an office, walk-in closet and large en suite with separate toilets. The area also has its own pool, located forward. Like the main deck, the suite has windows that open on three sides.

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